Fausel Companies Information

We are a part of a unique group of companies that are associated through ownership with the Fausel Companies.  


 Our individual corporate activities help in many ways to support a variety of positive efforts on a national level. Please see Fausel Companies web site for details of these activities. 


Dr. Stephen A. Fausel, a man of deep commitment to the environment and national security, is the Director of The Fausel Foundation, and CEO of Fausel Companies.  He also serves on the Advisory Board of The American Foreign Policy Council and the Institute of World Politics.

Unlike a typical holding company, each of our corporations are individually owned all or in part and firmly connected to the whole.


Our corporate efforts include medical research, cellulose textile weaving, casual furniture, bed coverings and accessories.  We are equally committed to both our corporate strategies and our commitment to the value of the natural world and all living things.  

LaMont Limited

Buffalo Weaver

Fausel Companies is open to new ideas and people with an emphasis on the creative process.  We employ excellent talent in all areas of corporate skills.  If you think you can add to our team, please visit the careers page.

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