We've discovered a secret that we can't wait to share with you: there are significant advantages to working for a great company whose corporate headquarters is located in Burlington, Iowa. That may explain the fact that (while US average tenure has decreased to less than four years), over 50% of LaMont employees have celebrated their 10th employment anniversary, and many of them have seen their 20th and even their 30th. You see, in addition to the tangibles that make up LaMont's competitive benefit package, LaMont employees enjoy an intangible benefit that can't be ignored: quality of life for themselves and their families.

Our office is located on the banks of the Mississippi River; literally! We enjoy all of the benefits of small-town life, and yet we are only a half-day's drive from major metropolitan areas such as Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Omaha, and Des Moines. We like to say that we're in the middle of nowhere, and a short trip from anywhere. LaMont employees are more inclined to take a weekend drive, probably due to the fact that our average commute is less than 30 minutes...a week!

Small-town living not for you? Consider a career in our LaMont NY office. Our sales and design staff occupy an office at 267 5th Avenue in the heart of the city. The international nature of our business provides many on our staff with an opportunity for world-wide travel.

LaMont is truly a company that offers something for everyone. We are a progressive company with aggressive plans for growth. These plans have created a need for additional talent and an expansion of our employee base. Listed below are our current jobs available. If nothing's listed that interests you, send us your resume to keep on file. We've got new opportunities all of the time!

Come see what LaMont has to offer. Who knows? You just might be looking into your next career!

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